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Here you will find branded goodies for use in class, and out! 

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You can order anything you like! 
Items include:

ladies fitted fitness t-shirts, the same as I wear in class. These are great for fitness, totally breathable & quick drying

ladies fitted standard t-shirts, if you like the above but want a standard cotton top

Babygros & t-shirts, so they can look the part as much as you!

Drinking bottles

Tote bags & Gym bags, for your carriers, or anything else you like!

And so much more!

How to order?

Please use the contact form below, or else contact me via the Facebook page. Each order is done on an individual basis, so you  get exactly what you are after! So let me know what you what, I send a confirmation, you make payment, then the goods will be made (if not already done) and you can collect in class!


For a limited time only the pricing is:

Ladies fitted fitness & standard t-shirts £13 (Slinga Fitness printed either front/back with slogan on opposing side)

Baby gros & Vests £7 (Slinga Fitness printed front & back; can be a slogan if requested)

£18.50 for both

Tote bag £6 (Slinga Fitness printed)

Gym bag £7 (Slinga Fitness printed)

​Bottles £8 (Slinga Fitness printed)

Full Name
Details (as much as you can!) so sizing, front or back design, slogan, style. The more you provide, the quicker I can sort for you :)
Item/s you wish to purchase