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Evening Bootcamp
Class resumes from September; Register your interest below!

6 Week Course is only £12!
Included in the course you will get;
A course specific fitness pack to help you monitor & track your progress & goals throughout the duration of the 6 week course
Weekly workout & home workouts too specific to the chosen course
Support, encouragement & advice throughout
Online group for communication & topics with Maddy & Class

The benefits of signing up to the full 6 weeks is huge, and very affordable so what are you waiting for?


​Please sign up below or contact me via facebook or one of the other contact methods at the bottom of the page
Slinga Fitness' Evening Bootcamp is a personal trainer led session, child free! Join other parents to get fit if the daytime classes do not suit!

Everyone has different aims & goals with their fitness & this class will suit you no matter what they are! Numbers will be limited, and the class will be structured individually to tailor to your fitness needs. 
Out of class workouts will be given if wanted, and a special Facebook group will be made so you can all support each other & ask any questions; think of it as a group PT session, but with likeminded mummies, so you will be guaranteed a giggle!

The sessions will be run in a semi-structured format whereby you can participate at your own pace, with each exercise being altered to suit your requirements. 

These sessions will have equipment such as weights, PT gear and mats etc provided, offering so much more.

This class will be a fun, upbeat and social way to get fit outdoors ... burn off some steam at the end of the day!

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